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Exercise & Recreation

Active people are healthy people. The University of Georgia is known for outstanding scholarship, leadership and educational excellence in the areas of recreation administration, experienced-based education, physical activity and the scholarly study of leisure. Recreational contexts can foster positive growth and development, engage citizens in their communities and promote understanding and respect for diversity.


EDUCATION: Faculty and students address the design, provision and evaluation of recreation and leisure services that facilitate health, education and wellbeing across the lifespan, and study the psychological and social dimensions of exercise and leisure.

RESEARCH: To enhance the health and wellbeing for all people throughout the lifespan, research at UGA focuses on exercise science that applies knowledge, principles and methods from the behavioral, biological, medical and physical sciences to the study of physical activity and sport.

SERVICE: With a global focus, UGA works to develop and deliver programs to all populations including children, the elderly, athletes and persons with disability, injury and disease.


Walk Georgia

The goals of the "Walk Georgia" program, which is sponsored by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and its partners, are to help you develop regular physical activity habits, get healthier and more physically fit, and most importantly, to have fun!

Sport Instruction Research Laboratory

The Sport Instruction Research Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology conducts a week-long summer professional development course providing practicing physical education teachers with the latest curricular and instructional ideas.

Obesity Initiative

UGA launched a major campus-wide initiative to help the state of Georgia reduce adult and childhood obesity and obesity-related diseases.

COE Research centers

The College of Education includes labs equipped for instruction and research related to athletic training, biomechanics, exercise vascular biology, metabolism and body composition, neuromuscular physiology, exercise psychology, cognition and skill acquisition, movement studies and sport instruction research.

Burn Camp

Burn camp provides students with a dynamic educational opportunity where they learn social work values as well as essential life lessons in an intensive week working with burn-injured children. It is an opportunity that will touch hearts, open minds and teach life lessons.


March 2013 | Franklin College of Arts and Sciences | Bio-Imaging Research Center

Middle-aged volunteers needed: UGA to test effects of concussions received in high school

With questions about sports concussions centered on whether and when athletes who sustain concussions should return to on-field action, little data exists to evaluate longer-term consequences of sports-related concussions. A new University of Georgia study hopes to address the issue.

March 2013 | College of Education |

UGA College of Education students win awards at sports medicine meeting

Three University of Georgia College of Education graduate students were recognized for their research at the annual meeting of the Southeast chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, making UGA the first university to capture more than two awards at the SEACSM in one year.

July 2012 | College of Education | Department of Kinesiology

UGA study finds that physical education mandates not enough in most states

Children need quality physical education to combat obesity and lead healthy lives. Georgia elementary schools make the grade when it comes to providing that education, but middle and high schools in the state don't even come close, according to a University of Georgia study.

June 2012 | College of Education, College of Public Health, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences | Department of Kinesiology & Department of Psychology

UGA researchers seek predictors of exercise effectiveness for weight loss

Most individuals trying to lose weight will increase physical activity as part of their strategy. For many, however, adding structured exercise does not result in weight loss, according to research. Offsetting the exercise with increases in eating and decreases in non-exercise physical activity appear to be significant factors limiting the effectiveness of exercise interventions.

May 2012 | College of Education | Department of Kinesiology

Exercise can help when chronic illness gets you down

Suffering from a chronic illness can drain a person's quality of life, but add in depression, and the results are debilitating. A new study from University of Georgia researchers shows that exercise training can reduce depression symptoms in patients with a chronic illness.

April 2012 | College of Education | Department of Kinesiology

UGA disability research inspires wellness course

A new wellness course partners able-bodied preclinical undergraduate and graduate students with disabled participants. The people with disabilities will benefit from students’ projects, and in return, the students will gain valuable clinical experience.

March 2012 | | Forestry and Natural Resources, Warnell School of

A heated subject: How is climate change affecting the way people use the outdoors?

The Athens Banner-Herald’s headline blared, “Man says it’s too hot to fish.” Is climate change affecting the way people spend their time outdoors? Researchers at UGA's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources sought to find out.

March 2012 | College of Engineering | Department of Chemistry

Big step toward tiny biological “batteries”

By growing nanoscale wire brushes—built of the body’s own molecules—that conduct electrical charges, University of Georgia researchers have taken a first step toward developing biological fuel cells that could ultimately power pacemakers, cochlear implants, and prostheses.

March 2012 | | Nonprofit Organizations, Institute for

Class projects provide local nonprofits with valuable benefits

The Athens Area Habitat for Humanity is just one of many local nonprofit organization that has benefited from the work of UGA students and professors.

March 2012 | College of Education | Cognition and Skill Acquisition Laboratory

Building bodies, boosting brains

While some public schools across the nation are reducing or eliminating time for recess and physical education in their daily class schedules, a recent study-conducted by a partnership of researchers at the University of Georgia, the Medical College of Georgia, and George Mason University-has found that exercise has a positive effect on children's cognitive functioning.

April 2012 | College of Education | Kinesiology

COE study: Key to avoiding ankle re-injury may be in hips, knees

Nearly all active people suffer ankle sprains at some point in their lives, and a new University of Georgia College of Education study suggests that the different ways people move their hip and knee joints may influence the risk of re-injury.

April 2012 | College of Education | Kinesiology

Study finds light weight training safe for pregnant women

Despite decades of doctors’ reluctance to recommend weight training to pregnant women, a new University of Georgia study has found that a supervised, low-to-moderate intensity program is safe and beneficial.

April 2012 | College of Education | Department of Kinesiology

UGA researchers find daily ginger consumption eases muscle pain

For centuries, ginger root has been used as a folk remedy for a variety of ailments such as colds and upset stomachs. But now, researchers at the University of Georgia have found that daily ginger consumption also reduces muscle pain caused by exercise.

March 2012 | School of Social Work | Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation

Burn Camp

When Dana Dillard, MSW ’01, signed up for a course called Social Work with Burn Survivors at the end of her first year in graduate school, she had no idea that she would become an integral part of a summer camp for burn-injured children.

April 2012 | College of Public Health | Health Promotion and Behavior

Children playing their way to health

Richard Christiana's hope to avert epidemics of diabetes and cardiovascular disease is child's play - literally. Christiana believes the outdoors is a place where children can be freer to explore and construct their own play without the pressure of team competition. This play can lead to lifelong health.

April 2012 | College of Education | Department of Kinesiology

College of Education study finds exercise reduces anxiety in women

Approximately 3 percent of the U.S. population suffers from excessive, uncontrollable worry that reduces their health and quality of life. The condition, known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, is difficult to overcome and is accompanied by a host of physical symptoms, including fatigue, muscle tension, irritability and poor sleep. However, a new University of Georgia study shows that regular exercise can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms in patients with GAD.

March 2012 | | Agriculture & Environmental Sciences, College of

Find time to exercise this holiday season

Traveling to visit family and friends during the holiday season doesn’t have to take time away from exercise, says a University of Georgia nutrition expert.

March 2012 | Cooperative Extension | Walk Georgia Program

Georgians invited to walk… online

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents across the state are encouraging the people in their counties to increase their physical activity. As an incentive to get Georgians moving, agents are inviting them to spend eight weeks on a virtual walk around the state.

March 2012 | College of Education | Department of Kinesiology

Heart fitness

Local cardiologists raised their eyebrows when a UGA exercise scientist tried to convince their heart-attack patients to hit the gym. Some were skeptical at first, but it is no longer possible to deny that his initiative is paying dividends for the health of the patients.

March 2012 | College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences | Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Real world

Three UGA students turned a little girl’s wish into a class project and then made it real.

March 2012 | College of Education | Department of Kinesiology

The heat is on

University of Georgia kinesiology researchers launched a new study of 2,500 football players at 25 high schools across the state when pre-season practices begin in August. The goal was to provide the scientific data to help administrators and coaches set effective heat-related policies nationwide.

April 2012 | College of Education | Aging and Physical Performance Laboratory

‘Better n’ Ever’ Changes with Age

A 20-year case study involving a former University of Georgia dean emeritus shows the importance of motivation for behavioral change in diet and exercise for successful aging.